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We're THE LUGER SISTERS, Sondra and Carolyn, and this is what we do:

SONDRA LUGER is a writer, author of 5 novels.

CAROLYN LUGER VERMES is a singer and songwriter, composer of more than 60 songs.

Our CD TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE can be heard in its entirety on YOUTUBE. Just google Sondra Luger at Youtube  or  Carolyn Luger at Youtube. The CD can be purchases on AMAZON, by its title, or wherever music is sold.



I've posted two reviews on the BLOG page. of ENTER VENUS which is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your favorite bookstore. The cover is pictured on the OUR STUFF page, as well as a link to Amazon.

I'll try to have one new item monthly on the READINGS page, and perhaps an item from past years that I think deserves another look. 











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