This is one of my early folksongs. It was meant to bring out the spirit of brotherhood that resides in most of us, but which is kept hidden when expectations of the good will of others have not been realized.
The above lyrics were published in my book, Poetry in Motion (Xlibris, 2004).


    Every morning is a new beginning./ Every step you take can point a new way.
    So, stop complaining--I don't care if it is raining--/ 'Cause nothing can put a damper on my day.
    Wake up, brothers, don't be Rip Van Winkles./ Wake up,  brothers , you've been sleeping too long.
    The air is changing, and a toast we'll be exchanging/ If we can still distinguish right from wrong.
    So, let us sing, and call the stranger "Brother."/  Though we're different, let's still accept each other.
    And the mornings will be that much brighter./ And our step a little bit lighter.