From the recording SHEILA

                        Have you met Sheila?
                        If you walked into a crowded room with Sheila in it,
                        she'd probably be the center of attention.


Sheila? She'll be your sun on a cloudy day.
Sheila could make a hermit come out and play!
Just when your heart is in traction
From an affair that went bad,
You'll find yourself right back in action
With the best challenge you've ever had!
That's Sheila! She'll want to phone you ten times a day.
Love her, and she will know everything's O.K.
But no man could ever confine her;
She'll never do as you say.
I wonder what Sheila's planning today...
                  ( Musical Repeat )
Sheila? You're never certain just what she'll do.
Steal her, and you will find she has stolen you!
She'll win your heart in a minute,
But then you'll never be free.
[Female] : You've met her; you'd better know Sheila is me!
[Male] : Forget her; you'd better leave Sheila for me.