From the recording I'M YOUR FRIEND


Call, if you need me; you should know that  care.
All I can offer I would happily share.
You just have to ask me, and I'll come to your side.
There's no real place for a runner to hide.
So, remember, when you reach a dead end,
I'm your friend.
Life isn't hollow when you fill it with love.
Let your eye follow the flight of a dove.
But if you should falter, as everyone does,
You can always give me a buzz.
Just remember: I'm for real, not pretend.
I'm your friend.
        Life without friendship
        Is like a lock without a key.
        I'm so very thankful
        That I found you
        And you found me
For, working together is a beautiful thing,
Whether we're crying , or trying to sing.
And if there's a problem, why suffer alone?
They say,"Two heads are better than one."
I'll stand by you, you can bet, 'til the End.
I'm your friend.