1. I'm Sorry

From the recording I'm Sorry


I'm sorry... That I made you cry. You're too much a part of me To let our love just die. Yes, I know you rarely Gave me cause to complain. I took you for granted And caused you so much pain. Remember the day you went away And I went out looking for you? I'll never forget--you're face was so wet-- Then I knew... That I was sorry That I let you down. Things will be different now. I've changed--the`villain' has turned`clown.' I will make you happy If you tell me how. It's not fair to judge the past And not consider now. I'll never rely on some other guy Who hands me a drink and a `line.' I want you to care. As long as you're there I'll be fine. I'm sorry. You must know that's true. Of all the men I've known, The one I'd choose is you. I will never hurt you again-- It would hurt me more. Let's get back together-- It won't be like before. (C)2004 (See my book,POETRY IN MOTION; THE LYRICS AND POEMS OF CAROLYN LUGER VERMES.)