From the recording CHOOSE LIFE


Choose life...
Through pain and sorrow,
Choose life.
There's still tomorrow.
It's G-d's gift to you.
If you follow through,
There's much more to do...
Choose life...
The bittersweet music
That's life.
We all abuse it
And that takes its toll.
But with the right goal
We can gain control...
        At night...
        When you're awakened by fright
        Don't let it shake your belief in yourself--
        Don't punish yourself--
        Just do what is right
In your life...
Think of who needs you.
Choose life.
Go where life leads you.
We're meant to be here,
Though why, isn't clear,
And time is so dear...
Choose life...choose life.
Choose life...CHOOSE LIFE!
                                            (C) 2004
                                             Poetry in Motion (Xlibris.com)