" [Jane and Alan Blaiser] seem made for each other, yet their marriage has reached a point of stagnation and both are becoming restless. Even romantic gestures are becoming routine. Until an unscheduled trip to the Frick museum changes all that in just one night. Jane finds herself in the middle of a party the likes of which she's never seen before. The museum's paintings have come alive and are walking the hallways, bringing their personalities and drama with them. And at the head of them all is Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, who has set her sights on Jane and Alan.

This surreal romance sweeps the characters off their feet and spirits them away into a fairy tale version of the real world .... The story examines the idea and representation of Venus, as well as the way our perspective shapes our world view. Love and attraction, beauty and sensuality -- these concepts are laid bare at Jane and Alan's feet. Luger's prose is magical, and under her guidance the book takes a turn for the surreal. Counts, barons, gods and other powerful beings walk among mere humans. Lives cross and become connected, while Venus and her son pull some metaphorical puppet strings .... Take a trip into the shadow world with the wonderfully creative ENTER VENUS.


Venus, the Goddess of Love, herself has decided to come to help rekindle the love between [Jane and Alan Blaiser] and hopefully save their marriage. However, after her arrival on earth her magic gets a little out of hand and the masterpieces housed within the Frick mansion gain a life of their own, and Jane finds herself in the middle of their enjoyment. The story quickly takes the couple away from the streets of New York to the streets of Venice, Italy. 

ENTER VENUS is a book that will easily become a favorite among readers. This modern myth has many elements that make it a highly enjoyable read. Readers start off with the development of the couple and learn how mundane their relationship seems to have gotten, but then are thrown into this whirlwind of odd characters and events that propel the story along. Readers will find it easy to relate to both Jane as well as Alan through their struggles and desires for the marriage. This story shows a different side to Venus as one who has all good intentions despite causing chaos in her wake.

Author Sondra Luger has a magical talent for words; she weaves a mystical tale that keeps readers entertained and wondering what will happen to Jane and Alan next. Throughout the story the reader constantly wonders if their marriage will survive this interesting experience, or will it crumble even further .... Luger creates powerful characters, not only in Jane and Alan, but also the various counts, barons, gods, goddesses and other beings. They all come to life through Luger's words; the story plays out visually for the reader as their eyes scan the pages. Some people would say that fairy tales are for children, but Sondra creates a fairy tale perfect for an adult audience to enjoy....

ENTER VENUS is a highly well written novel that readers of all genres would enjoy because it has a little bit of something for everyone. It will became a book that readers will recommend to their friends and family. Overall, Luger creates a story unique to her style but also keeps some elements of the mythos around Venus.



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